Landon Dais on The Issues: Responsible Community Development

Responsible Community Development involves developers, small businesses,and community residents working together to improve the community in which district residents live, work, shop, and play.

1. Landon Stands Against the Current Plan of the Columbia University Manhantanville Expansion Plan.

- The Plan has to be reviewed. Columbia should offer more subsidies to the people of Harlem. Since Columbia is an education institution numerous public and charter schools should be built in the area to help alleviate congestion in Harlem Schools.

2. Landon Stands Against the Current 125th Street River to River redevelopment.

- The arguments made by City Council and Planning Commission were misleading. I believe that development is key for Harlem’s future; however a more comprehensive plan needs to be developed that will enhance the life of current Harlem residents and not those who have not moved into Harlem as of yet.

3. Landon Supports a Firm Tenants' Bill of Rights.

4. Landon Supports Construction in Harlem that Benefits Harlem, not just developers.


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