Landon Dais on The Issues: An Educated Community

# Education

Over 50% of Harlem High School Students drop out of School. That is an unacceptable number. Education is the key to our children’s future. Without a quality education to prepare them for the real world, they will not be able to succeed. There is no easy solution to this complicated and layered problem. However, there are some protocols we can put in place to increase their chances of success.

- Provide Education Options for the Entire Community

- Vocational Programs as an equal alternative to college-prep courses an post secondary training. Vocational training provides a viable solution to community residents and students.

- Upgrade the technology infrastructure of our schools so our kids will be competitive.

Landon's Education programs seek to reduce the time consuming, single-focus on improving test scores and more on the true education of the student. Test scores are important, but improving student performance for the long term is essential. These programs are a great start to place us on the path to a positive educational impact.


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