Landon Dais on The Issues: An Engaged Community

Landon Dais will be representing you in Harlem, but he believes that it's important that the citizens of Harlem step forward to invest in their community on an individual level. Landon will work to:

1. Promote civil & community service with a focus on all generations. He will do this by developing leadership skills amongst the youth who are willing to work in the community. Under Landon's plan, students can receive school credit for volunteering in local community programs.

2. Block Clean Up programs, which will involve people of all ages working to keep Harlem respectable and to connect citizens together as they work towards beautifying our community, Block by Block.

3. "My home is my castle." Using this theme, Dais wants to take community improvement to an individual level by Promoting cleaner living conditions.

4. Encourage Local Businesses to responsibly address school age children who cut school during school hours--(Truancy).

Landon truly believes in the idea that it takes a community to empower itself. Businesses, individuals must work together to keep our District clean, respected, and law-abiding.


  1. I am proud that this young man has the true spirit of Harlem's growth. He appears to be following the spirit of Adam Clayton Powell,Jr. It is important to us as Harlemites to understand it will take all of us to commit to this community.

    Thank you!!!!!


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