We're Up!

Welcome Harlem residents and people around the globe--to our blog, Landon4Harlem. Our mission is simple: to work towards the draft of Landon Dais for District 9 of the New York City Council in the 2009 election. As President of the Uptown Democratic Club (UDC), Landon is a reform-minded visionary dedicated to representing the people of Harlem.

Click on the links to the right to get more details on Landon's Ideas. We will also be looking for volunteers and will be scheduling events all around the neighborhood (supporting Harlem businesses). As I mentioned before, our mission is simple, but not easy. We look forward to debating Inez Dickens on the issues and seek to provide a reform-driven Democratic agenda tailored to the Harlem community, and we look forward to your input and ideas.


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