Better Know Your District: Intro

So I've pulled some preliminary information about our district from this wonderful site called Gotham Gazette. From it, you can find just about any political information you need on New York Government. We'd like to start educating you about the district info. As Landon Dais' campaign is ramped up, we'd also like you to ramp up you knowledge about your neighborhood/district. So this week, we're covering introductory information.

- Morningside Heights,
- Central Harlem
- Riverside Park

Here's a map, they've cut the district up in a weird way:



Racial Demographics:

District 9 has 2 community boards, #9 and #10. Here are the Community Board Contacts:
Community Board No. 9
565 W. 125th St., NY, NY 10027
(212) 864- 6200/38
Mr. George Rodriguez, Chair
Mr. Lawrence McClean, District Manager

Community Board No. 10
215 W. 125th St., Ste. 340, NY, NY 10027
(212) 749- 3105
Mr. Stanley Gleaton, Chair
Mr. Richard Harley, District Manager

Next time we'll look at Community Boards--learning what they do, how they influence your neighborhood, and how you can be a part of it! Plus, we'll probably try to talk them into holding a few town halls this summer.


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