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So for those of you who have dutifully become a follower of our blog, thanks. If you haven't, scroll down to the right and click on the "Follow" button to stay in the loop on our events. We'd love to hear from you as we get closer to drafting Dais to challenge incumbent Dickens, and will also keep you informed of community developments.

In keeping with that spirit, the Uptown Dem Club is sponsoring a major community outreach event on April 4th--a community clean up. Several organizations have already stepped up, including several local churches, the Greek-Letter Organizations, and I'm getting my organization (NSBE) involved. We'll be meeting at 116th street and we're shooting for 500 strong. No, really--we're serious about this. Click here for details.


  1. The link says meet at Tribal Spears. Which one is it?

  2. Since Tribal Spears will be closing, we will meet at 116th for now.


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