MTA's Runaway Rail Fares...

How's it going, readers? Spring has arrived in the city, though it may be tough to tell. And the MTA has a special gift for us--they decided to raise rail fares across the board today. From the New York Daily News:

After a fiery hearing Wednesday, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted 12 to 1 to approve subway, bus and commuter train fare hikes from 25% to 30% and impose severe service cuts, including elimination of two subway lines and 21 local bus routes.

"Every single rider who rides or uses the system will be affected," MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger said.

Several board members and many of the nearly 20 public speakers before the vote, blamed the state Legislature - the Senate in particular - for failing to agree on a revenue-raising rider rescue plan.

"Not only is this a sad day, it's a shameful day," board member Doreen Frasca said.

Starting May 31, the monthly MetroCard, now $81, will cost $103 and a weekly MetroCard, now $25, will cost $31. The one-way bus and subway fare will rise from $2 to $2.50, a whopping 25% increase.

Commuter train fares rise June 1, while MTA bridge and tunnel tolls jump July 11. Service cuts also include longer gaps between trains and the closure of a few stations overnight.

Here in District 9 including Harlem and Morningside Heights, we will be seriously affected. From the Spectator:

The approaching hike has been met criticism from Columbia students and residents of West Harlem and Morningside Heights. Several local politicians have come out in opposition to the proposed service cuts, which include reduced overnight service on the 1 train and the M96 and M104 bus lines and the elimination of the M10 line, which connects Harlem to Penn Station.

It's about to get tough in New York.


  1. It has gotten tough on Long Island & New York, Charles before this unpopular vote. Do you feel there will be a peaceful resolution on this matter?

  2. You're right--I should've said "tougher." I think there will be a peaceful solution--people will eventually suck it up this time. However, there is another increase being shopped around for next year. Let's keep an ear out.


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