Landon Dais Speaks out Against Gun Violence

City Council Candidate Landon C. Dais and members of the Uptown Residents who Care hosts a rally against gun violence on 126th Street between Lenox Ave. and Adam Clayton Blvd. A great article was written up about the event in the Amsterdam News. Landon has continued to stand up against the senseless gang and gun violence in New York City. Every Tuesday at 5pm on 150th & 8th Ave. with Rev. Vernon Williams he proactively walks the community and engages the youth. He is the only Candidate who shows the youth in the community that someone cares by listening to their opinions on whats affecting them. 

Page 34 May 14-May 20, 2009 THE NEW YORK AMSTERDAM NEWS
Josh Barker 
(Excerpt from the Amsterdam News) 

Williams also said that he wants to begin a movement that will continue through Harlem’s African-American Day Parade in September. Radio personality from Harlem-based radio station WHCR Iesha Sekou and Uptown Residents Who Care President Landon Dais served as emcees for Saturday’s event. Young people performed spoken word along with musical performances, including rap group T-Breezy, featured on BET’s “106th and Park.”

Several prominent Harlem political figures came out in support of the Harlem Unites Awareness Day, including Rep. Charlie Rangel and Assemblymen Keith Wright and Herman D. Ferrell Jr. Mothers from the organization Harlem Mothers SAVE were on hand to discuss their experience with violence in city streets. Members of the organization are made up of mothers who have lost children to gun violence.

Founder Jackie Rowe-Adams, who lost two children to gun violence, said that parents need to step up. “Parents need to stop trying to be their child’s friend and stop smoking weed with their kids,” she said. “They need to get their children involved in some of these programs and stop not knowing where their children are going. At Harlem Mothers SAVE, we can’t bring our children back, but maybe we can help another mother.”


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