BREAKING: Albany Circus shutting down?

The folks in Albany may have finally ended the State Senate Stalemate from the NY Post:

ALBANY - Bronx state Sen. Pedro Espada, whose defection to the Republican camp helped trigger the current Senate crisis, will return to the Democratic fold and end the month-long Senate stalemate, The Post has learned...

The defection would bring a quick end to the Senate's current 31-31 vote stalemate, in which Espada has repeatedly joined with the 30 Republican members in opposition to the Democrats.

Folks, we need some serious reform up there. And it starts down here--send a message to the status-quo folks upstate by supporting reform candidates downstate. Landon Dais and his refreshing platform for the City via City Council is a good place to start. Right now he is undergoing the petition process, and he could definitely use your help. Go here for more info.


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