Tern Limit Extension Vote

This is a breakdown of the two votes the City Council voted on in reference to the Term Limit Extension. Transparency is key in todays Government.

Below if a list of who voted how for both the mayor’s bill and the Brewer-Gerson-Yassky amendment. The first vote listed is on the amendment. The second is on the bill.

Mayor’s Bill - approved, 29 to 22
Amendment - defeated, 28 to 22, one abstention

Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. - yes, no
Maria del Carmen Arroyo - no, yes
Tony Avella -yes, no
Maria Baez - no, yes
Charles Barron - yes, no
Gale A. Brewer - yes, no
Anthony Como - no, no
Leroy G. Comrie, Jr. - no, yes
Bill de Blasio - yes, no

Inez E. Dickens - no, yes
Erik Martin Dilan - no, yes
Mathieu Eugene - yes, no
Simcha Felder - no, yes
Lewis A. Fidler - no, yes
Helen D. Foster - no, yes
Daniel R. Garodnick - yes, no
James F. Gennaro - yes, no
Vincent J. Gentile - yes, no
Alan J. Gerson - yes, yes
Eric N. Gioia - yes, no
Sara M. Gonzalez - no, yes
Vincent Ignizio - yes, no
Robert Jackson - no, yes
Letitia James - yes, no
Melinda R. Katz - no, yes
G. Oliver Koppell - no, yes
Jessica S. Lappin - no, no
John C. Liu - yes, no
Melissa Mark-Viverito - yes, no
Miguel Martinez - no, yes
Michael E. McMahon - yes, no
Darlene Mealy - no, yes
Rosie Mendez - yes, no
Hiram Monserrate - yes, no
Michael C. Nelson - no, yes
James S. Oddo - yes, no
Annabel Palma - yes, no
Christine C. Quinn - no, yes
Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. - no, yes
Diana Reyna - no, yes
Joel Rivera - no, yes
James Sanders, Jr. - abstain, yes
Larry B. Seabrook -no, yes
Helen Sears - no, yes
Kendall Stewart - no, yes
James Vacca - no, yes
Peter F. Vallone, Jr. - no, yes
Albert Vann - no, yes
David I. Weprin - yes, no
Thomas White, Jr. - no, yes
David Yassky - yes, yes


  1. i think Alan J. Gerson is a good choice for the people in dist 1 because he initiated many good works like The Dignity in All Schools Act. he has got good experience.

    i read his works in his site http://www.gerson2009.com/ ,seems he is promising.

  2. Gerson has got more chance to win

  3. yes roshn
    ALAN J GERSON launched an unprecedented number of initiatives including: a new youth swim team, an evening teenage center, a free community mediation facility, a heart defibrillator pilot program, new emergency shelters for homeless (runaway) teenagers, starting work on the Hudson River Waterfront Park, the first Arts Committee and Calendar, a new Public Safety Committee and a Community Court Proposal.
    Please Vote for this strong & Experienced member for him in District-1 Council election on Septemer 15th

  4. thts very intresting news abt Gerson


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