A Councilman who Speaks to all People

One thing I have noticed with politicians in my area is that they are not very accessible. I promise I will be the most accessible candidate in Harlem. Weekly sit downs with the different communities of Harlem. It is important we improve the lines of communication. I want to help organize the people become a louder voice. So we can fight the mayor and state senate on the needs of our community. As a City Councilman I can do a lot of good, but an empowered people we can do a greater good.


  1. I had a chance to speak briefly with Mr. Dais last August 2009 at my family's block party between 114th & 117th Sts. & CPW. I was moved by his intentions for positive change in Harlem's 9th district. As I watched him and his associate work the crowd, sharing his views, I sensed a determination, commitment in one so young that I had not seen amongst Black male youths since the era of the Black Panther Party, Angela Davis and Malcolm X. It's about ATTITUDE. And Landon's attitude is that of the "old school" generation: a time when the neighborhood raised the child; communities shared information about jobs; the churches hit the streets and knew their parishners; schools were selective in their curriculum and the teachers who taught them; the BOE supplied the materials for learning (NOT THE PARENTS); white store owners were considerate to struggling Black families, giving credit for essentials until they got paid; and everyone in the community was on "neighborhood watch" and "clean up" detail. It appears to me, Mr. Dais hopes to encourage Harlemites to return to that time, here in the present. I believe he'll succeed too, when elected. Heck, he's already gotten started, getting people to take pride in the community again, coming together, creating an infectious "domino effect". It was great to watch him in action on the online video. I so much wanted to be in the number that voted for him on September 15, 2009. But, as I explained to him in August 2009 and although I lived in NY all my life, waiting for someone like him to come along finally, I was no longer able to get involved in NY politics because I've been a PA resident for the past 8yrs. But, I could not forget him. So, I decided yesterday (SAT.05/29/10) I'd look him up online, using the card he gave me last summer, to find out how the vote turned out. I still don't know. But searching gave me a chance to see his street interviews (cleaning & Q&A on the stoop). I enjoyed hearing what he had to say about his education history, his parents and his belief that the minds of the people is what needs changing first. I so agree. I LOVE THE GUY! I PRAY HE WON! I'd work his office campaign if I could. So, I've chosen the next best thing, encouraging all of my NYC family to get on board with his programs for a better Harlem...Thanks so much for this opportunity to state my interest in support of Landon for all his efforts to bring together a community that is long overdue a true leader, a true visionary who means what he says and does what he means so that others will follow and believe. With that strategy and his charisma, HE CAN'T LOSE ! GOD BLESS YOU, LANDON and GOOD LUCK in all your future endeavors...I TOLD YOU I WOULDN'T FORGET YOU, in or out of state.(smile)...Mrs.C.


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