30th Birthday Party & Preserve Our Legacy Fundraiser

On April 5th Harlem Activist Landon Dais turns 30 years old. Instead of having a big birthday party blow out Landon has decided to host a fundraiser for the inspiring non-profit Preserve Our Legacy. Your ticket purchases are tax deductible.

Preserve Our Legacy’s (http://www.preserveourlegacy.org) mission is to educate and create awareness amongst minorities about bone marrow, PBSC & Core Blood donation. There are 76 diseases that can be treated and cured with bone marrow, PBSC & Core Blood treatments. Sadly, African Americans have one of the lowest chances of finding a match in the National Registry, due to the lack of registered African Americans in the National Registry.

Currently POL is aggressively trying to find matches for 5 beautiful young children:

LJ Jones (10 years old, NY)

Nyiah Young (5 years old, IL)

Daylen Parrish (18 months, TX)

Shakobe Peters (13 years old, LA)

Isiah Platt (12 years old, NC)

To see pictures of these beautiful children please click here

A message from Landon:

"I thank God everyday that I have reached my 30th birthday! However, without our help, these beautiful kids will not reach their 30th birthdays…" Please join me on April 5th in celebration this milestone in my life and see how you can help save the lives of these beautiful children.


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