Landon Dais assists a Cannabis Company Plant Inspired Future -- PIF Bloom in Harlem

Julio Casado, Marvis Burns and Landon Dais are the key executives of Plant Inspired Future (PIF). The New York-based company is only one of seven multi-state Black and Latino-owned cannabis companies. Casado serves as CEO of the company while Burns is COO and Dais serves as chief strategy officer.
Obtaining what’s known as a hemp profiting license, PIF currently sells Cannabidiol (CBD) herbal tea that doesn’t contain THC. The company hopes to sell other hemp products and when the state legalizes marijuana, PIF will convert to a dispensary in Harlem.
“We are traditionally shut out from the main streets of getting into an industry we have to find our way to get in,” Casado said. “Hemp is already legal nationally. Getting a license isn’t the be-all end-all. We need to be at the forefront of this industry. The purpose of our company is to destigmatize what cannabis is.”
PIF also has a license in Michigan and is working on obtaining one in Illinois.
Dais said while the marijuana industry is fairly new, those wanting to get in on the ground floor should obtain a hemp license as one of the first steps. After that, getting to know the industry is key.

See the rest of the article in the link below. Josh Barker of the Amsterdam News wrote an amazing article. Visit for more information on the company. Please follow @LivePif on twitter and IG.


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