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We've Got that PIF featured on MusicXclusive

We've Got That PIF By: Brittany Walker MusicXclusive Media Link The North American cannabis movement is alive and well. Though general use has not yet been decriminalized federally, over 30 states have enacted laws that legalize marijuana use in some form. With the recent wave of change, we’re witnessing the renaissance and growth of an industry that is taking the nation by storm. PIF, an acronym for Plant Inspired Future is a brand dedicated to the formulation and distribution of high quality, organic, plant-based products. It’s roots laid in Harlem, a city whose name is synonymous with innovation and color filled culture. Liken to the platform built by artists of its Renaissance providing black and brown intellectuals a place in Western culture. The aims of PIF’s social agenda will carry on the majesty of its birthplace. This weekend, we stepped in to chat with Landon Dais , Chief Strategy Officer of the minority-owned, multi-state cannabis company known as PIF. You’r

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