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Beyond the Ballot: Fostering Year-Round Community Engagement in the 77th Assembly District

In the 77th Assembly District, we're facing a critical issue that goes beyond politics: low voter turnout. This isn't just a statistic; it's a signal that as candidates and public officials, we need to do more. The responsibility to ignite a passion for civic participation lies with us, and it's time we address this challenge head-on. The root of this issue often lies in the perception that politicians are visible only during election seasons. Many constituents feel a disconnect, believing that their day-to-day lives and concerns are overlooked. This perception leads to a sense of apathy towards the political process. The truth is, community engagement is not just an election strategy; it's a cornerstone of effective governance. To reverse this trend, we must commit to consistent, meaningful interaction with our community. This means being an active presence not just in the run-up to elections but throughout our tenure. It's about listening and responding to the

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